On 8 November 2023, we held our first webinar about our Open Call 1. In it, our colleagues Iwa Stefanik, Alain Pagani, Narek Minaskan and Ellie Shtereva shared the keys to this exciting opportunity for innovators to join us in facilitating remote collaboration through extended reality (XR).

At CORTEX2, we will invest €3,000,000 in our first open call to investigate, advance and demonstrate the technical features of our innovative teleconference platform — aimed at facilitating remote collaboration between workers across a wide range of industries and SMEs.

Now that we have developed its backbone and specific features, we are looking for partners — from tech startups/SMEs to research institutions — to provide new modules to improve its functionalities, adaptability and replicability in new domains and use cases.

The CORTEX2 open call 1 offerThe open call beneficiaries will receive up to € 200.000, tailored coaching and monitoring, access to technology and business experts, capacity building on the CORTEX2 platform and XR technologies & trends, and exploitation and commercialisation support during a programme of up to 12 months.

Through this call, we will recruit and support 20 teams to be part of our journey. The organisations interested in applying can do so through one of our tracks:

  • Track 1: Co-development. For tech startups and SMEs to co-develop our platform’s modules and features and shape the future of teleconferencing together.
  • Track 2: Use-case. For tech adopters and developers to apply the platform in diverse domains.

The open call is open from 24 October 2023 until 16 January 2024 at 17:00 CET.

Head to our Open Call #1 website to find all the information and the documents to read before applying, and watch the complete webinar below:

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